Planning is well underway for consolidation. Important new information is now available in the consolidation section of the district website (

Among the new developments:

  • The School Committee has adopted a new school feeder pattern for next fall. This comes after enrollment trends were studied and discussions were held with many people. The new feeder pattern sets out where students in the district will go to school for next year, although it is still subject to adjustment as the scheduling process proceeds. The new feeder pattern, including a map, is on the website in the consolidation area.

  • Curriculum enhancements and new middle school sports teams are among the expanded opportunities being explored as a result of consolidation. Exploratory courses at the junior high schools are being designed.  We are looking to expanding participation in AP courses at the high schools. On athletics, a subcommittee inclusive of parents is discussing the possibility of introducing middle school sports next fall.

  • Gerry Habershaw has been named the principal of Pilgrim High School for the 2016-17 school year. Also, the school committee has approved additional support for students through added assistant principals at junior high and high schools. Veterans Junior HIgh and Winman Junior High will have two assistant principals, while Pilgrim High School and Toll Gate High School will each have one principal and three assistant principals.

  • The members of the district-wide consolidation committee are now listed on the website, as are the members of the 10 consolidation subcommittees.

  • The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section in the consolidation area of the website has been expanded, and there is also an update there of other work being done by consolidation subcommittees.

  • The possibility is being analyzed of having all students taking career and technical courses attend the same high school where their career and technical program is located. This move would reduce travel  time during the day and increase instructional time. Further consideration of scheduling and building space is needed.