Planning is well underway for consolidation.  Among the new developments:

  • The junior high courses have been established for the 2016-2017 school year.  At the November 10th meeting, the School Committee approved additional junior hIgh courses in the following areas:

  • The senior high courses have also been established for the 2016-2017 school year.  Senior high students have been completing course requests which are the same at Pilgrim and Toll Gate. The School Committee approved a Business Math elective to promote financial literacy.

  • Improvements to Warwick’s secondary schools have already begun! This includes a student lavatory renovation at Pilgrim.  Additional projects for this year include new auditorium seating at Pilgrim and Veterans, locker refurbishing, entries to Pilgrim and Veterans, Pilgrim’s cafeteria and courtyard, tennis courts at Winman, tracks, improvements to the gymnasiums, painting of common areas, and modern signs in front of Pilgrim, the Toll Gate Complex, and Veterans.

  • The Student Transition Subcommittee was formed to support students with the consolidation.  Gerry Habershaw and Steven Chrabaszcz are the chairs of this committee.

  • The Middle School Sports Subcommittee was formed to expand our sports program.  A survey has been administered to students to gauge interest.  Ken Rix is the chair of this committee.

  • All materials, furnishings, resources, and technology are being inventoried for planning purposes.