Consolidation News

  • The District Consolidation Committee will be hosting three public forums in March.  They will be held at 6:30 pm on the following dates :
    March 22nd – Aldrich Auditorium
    March 23rd – Veterans Auditorium
    March 29th – Winman Auditorium

  • March 9th –  Warwick Special Education Advisory Committee: 6:30 – 8:30 – Warwick Veterans Small Auditorium. A question and answer session on consolidation will take place for families of students with special needs.

  • Changes are being made to the Consolidation Website to make it more user friendly and informative.  There will be a “Contact Us” section added to the Consolidation Website.    Warwick community members may send questions and comments.

  • Transition Committees have been formed at each high school and junior high school.  Upcoming events and activities are being planned by these committees.

Facilities News

  • Several walkthroughs at Pilgrim and Vets have led to lists of dozens of needed repairs and renovations.  One walk through was done with SMMA. Dr. Thornton and several central office staff met with RIDE on February 9th to review planned projects. The projects will be prioritized.  More details will be coming soon.

Teacher/Classified Staff Update

  • Classified Staff

    The three additional (52 weeks) custodians at Pilgrim, Toll Gate and Veterans will work the night shift at the schools. Classified staff bumping will start in mid April.

  • The Warwick Public Schools recognizes the stress that consolidation can create among teachers and staff. To help during this transition, the consolidation website has a page dedicated to middle school certification process with information about URI’s partnership with the Warwick Public Schools to offer courses. The consolidation website also has FAQs for staff, a timeline for staffing decisions, and will provide more info as it becomes available.

  • Department Clerks

    A discussion was held whether these positions are necessary.  It was decided to eliminate these positions and add an extra guidance clerk in each high school.  The guidance department could use the extra help with the increased student population.