District Consolidation Meeting Minutes


Curriculum Committee: The National Library Relocation movers will start work on Tuesday, August 9th. Books will be moved from Aldrich and Gorton to Veterans. The books from Veterans will be moved to Pilgrim.

Elementary Consolidation Committee: The next meeting is scheduled for August 22nd to finalize the decision on what two elementary schools the committee will be recommending for closure and the one to be repurposed for the Early Learning Center.

Facilities Committee:

Pilgrim High School – DPW is working steadily on the football field with completion targeted for mid August. The track resurfacing will start immediately after the football field is completed. When DPW completes the football field they have agreed to tackle the traffic reconfiguration. Storefront and curtain wall work is underway. Painting by the contractor and Warwick School Department substitute maintenance workers is underway. Ceiling grids are up and new LED lighting is being manufactured with delivery scheduled for the first week in August. Bathroom and classroom work by is nearing completion. Auditorium work is ongoing. The gym floor is having the school’s logo painted and should be completed by the end of next week. The stands in the gym have been serviced and repaired.

Veterans Junior High School – The gym floor is complete and is curing. Painting is underway throughout the school. The ceiling grids have been installed. Electrical and plumbing work for the new science labs are underway. The labs will not be ready for the start of school but existing labs are being cleaned and readied for use until the new labs are ready. They should be ready by the beginning of October. Auditorium work is progressing. The curb and sidewalk work is underway with curbing complete.. New sidewalks are being poured and finished daily. The main office has been painted and cleaned. Classroom cleaning work is ongoing.

Winman – The gym floor is installed and being finished. The LED lighting project should start mid August. The first area to be done will be the stairway tower with other areas to follow. Once the school year starts work will be done during off hours.

Toll Gate – Track resurfacing is complete. The lining and graphics project will start end of this week. Once complete our crews will start with the new french drain install for the football field and then aerate and seed with an athletic mix. The gym floor sand and refinish will start when Winman is complete. Marine Trades fencing is complete. Classroom work is ongoing.

Summer Cleaning – Summer cleaning is ongoing, As soon as elementary schools are completed custodians will move to secondary schools to assist. The last weekend before the school year begins, all custodians will be divided into 2 teams and move to Pilgrim and Veterans to finish any areas not completed and to thoroughly clean all construction areas.

Logistics Committee: Movers are emptying Aldrich and Gorton. The movers are also moving materials from Veterans to Pilgrim and Toll Gate. Book discards were removed from Veterans yesterday and E-waste will be removed next week. Kevin Oliver and Steve Gothberg are meeting every Friday with the movers for a weekly review and set up the plan for the next week. A district administrative team is conducting walkthroughs of all secondary schools to monitor progress.

Middle School Transition Committee: Only two teachers signed up to be in the second cohort for middle school certification. At least ten teachers are needed to sign up in order to run the class. A third recruitment notice was sent to all school areas. The first cohort is just finishing their second class.

Public Relations Committee: Updated construction photos were added to the website on July 26th to show the progress that is being made. Mr. Tober is planning an orientation for Veterans students and parents. More information will follow.

Scheduling Committee: Currently working on special education ratios, homerooms, lockers, common planning times, non-teaching periods, and professional development periods.

Staffing Committee: We are in the process of staffing the schools due to recent resignations/retirements/leaves. This has reduced the total number on the layoff list. Unfortunately there have been some hard to fill science leaves/layoffs. Middle School Department Heads have been filled for Guidance and SPED. Content Area leaders are currently posted so they can be in place for the organization efforts prior to school starting. Fall Coaches have been posted and will be filled after the July 28th School Committee Meeting.

Transportation Committee: All of the bus schedules for general education students are complete.