District Consolidation Meeting Minutes

Curriculum Committee: Robotics kits are in and have been delivered. Chromebooks have been delivered to the high schools for math.  A meeting will be held on Friday to compile orders for World Language Textbooks.  Elementary principals are working with the technology staff to pick up Chromebooks for six grade students who did not pick them up at the Chromebook Carnival.

Elementary Committee Community forums have been scheduled for:

  • October 6th at Veterans Junior High School
  • October 13th at Pilgrim High School
  • October 17th at Toll Gate High School
  • All forums will run from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Facilities/Logistics Committee:

The installation of power at Veterans Junior High School is taking place for the Prometheans.

  • The LED project is ongoing at Winman Junior High School
  • Hole drilling for Promethean installs is happening at Winman Junior High School.
  • Eye wash station installs are taking place and should be completed by 9/21.
  • The track is being installed at Pilgrim.  It should be completed in approximately 10 working days.
  • We met with Fire Chief and Fire Marshall about scheduling a walk through at Pilgrim High School and Veterans Junior High School to reassure the school community that the buildings are safe.
  • Public Relations Committee:  The committee will work on communicating Elementary Consolidation Public Forum information with the community via the website and Connect Ed messaging.
  • Technology Committee: Promethean displays (70-inch interactive flat-panel TVs) at Veterans Junior High School are installed & active. Teachers are using them and asking for more professional development.  One display is defective.  We are troubleshooting  with Promethean to resolve this problem.  We are working with Promethean and the Sheryl Rabbitt  to schedule trainings on displays, ClassFlow and IMS.  Winman Junior High School Promethean installs are happening this week.  Projectors and document cameras are being distributed to classrooms.  We are currently working through second-order phone installation issues. The robotics lab at Veterans Junior High School now has wifi capability.  The cabling company is going around wiring labs and other areas that need network access.  Virtual desktops for CADD labs are up and running.  We are now working on creating student accounts rather than using generic accounts.   Giving teachers and students access from home is the next step.
  • MIDI equipment for JH Music Exploratory courses has been ordered.  Security cameras at Pilgrim High School are up and running. The wiring and camera mounting work is ongoing at Veterans Junior High School and Winman Junior High School.  After the work has been completed at the junior high schools, work will begin at Toll Gate High School.
  • Transportation Committee:  We will be working with First Student on the demands of busing and the schedule for middle school sports.