A committee of administrators, principals, guidance counselors, special educators, and parents is progressing to plan for the inclusion of sixth graders at Veterans and Winman Middle Schools for the 2018-2019 school year.
This committee is motivated to provide grade 6 students with a true middle school experience on par with their peers across Rhode Island.
Thus far the committee has determined:
  • Sixth graders will be members of academic teams of approximately 100 students who will share the same math, science, social studies, and ELA teachers
  • They will be exposed to a variety of exploratory classes, such as music, computer technology, art, and pre-engineering.  This will assist them in making choices for grades 7 & 8.
  • They will remain with their sixth grade peers in physical education and as much as possible in all other classes such as music & fine arts.
  • Grade 6 students will have the opportunity to participate in a full offering of extracurricular areas such as clubs, dram, music, and athletics.


The next meeting is scheduled for January 3, 2018 and will focus on communication and outreach to our elementary communities.